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Actually lvl 48 and not that happy with the balancing…
A few things GLU should care about:

Monster HP (5-10), Fighting Time (3-10) and Damage vary a lot.

Especially Arena with 14k+ Equip is one-hit-kill and not that exciting, impossible to face a mage, always hit+run

Full character upgrade (scrolls/books) is hard to achieve, refill mats from old areas is quite boring

Gold sink is too heavy, you always have to spend gems to get extra 15k gold which is more than needed

Boss immunity is sometimes strange. Is the chance to hit that low? Sometimes 1hit -> dead, sometimes 3 seconds without damage

Star map upgrade is way too expensive and the drop rate too low

Difficulty of the new maps is only interesting for a few days, the only challenge left is 5-10

SET Items: a really big troublemaker -> you wear the pre-update equipment too long because the 7 set bonus is too strong to go without
i hate the „better eqipment available“ pop-up. It’s useless to show this popup when your new item reduces the overall-itemlevel that hard.

To be honest, with EW3 i had more long-time motivation (tower, difficulty)
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