Please tell me you get more than 5 exp per stage later on.

jonathan4210jonathan4210 Registered Users 4 Posts
I hate the fact that you get so little exp when replaying levels. Since you mostly grind for materials rather than actual exp, I think watching ads and paying materials with gems is better than actually playing the game. Does it get better later on? If not, I may as well quit now.


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    toniribeirotoniribeiro Registered Users 47 Posts
    basic stages for example 1-1,1-2,1-3 and 1-4 give 5 exp, 1-5 gives 10 exp ,1-6,1-7,1-8,1-9 give 5 exp and 1-10 gives 20 exp so that means that all stages need 5 energy to enter and gives 5exp and 500 gold except the fifth stage that needs 10 energy to enter gives 10exp and 1000 gold, and the tenth stage that needs 20 energy and gives 20exp and 2000 gold. The fifth of every map is good to farm its respective scrolls and books and the tenth stage of every map is good to farm its respective reagents and gold equipment.
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