Bring Back Eternity Warriors 3

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Bring this game back and update it. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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    My main acc got banned in this glu forum site for advertising my youtube channel lol. twitch, maybe also twitter lol. Ikr, that seems stupid for them to ban me for a reason like that. You know those people who post link on the forum and don't get banned, link that they post are stupid lol. K so bring all your eternity warriors 3 buddy, also if your eternity warriors 4 buddy misses eternity warriors 3. Also friends in real life in game social media other places that played eternity warriors 3. So we all can sign a petition to bring back Eternity warriors 3, by glu bringing the game back, then update the game. Also to update eternity warriors 4, if people hate eternity warriors 4 more than 3, then glu is losing in their company rank, since people like eternity warriors 3 better, because of the pvp, also the way to level up. In eternity warriors 4 there is /100 ticket system, which is a bad idea, some people might like or hate that, I think people really hate that. While in eternity warriors 3 you can play all day long get exp, but for the leveling in the 40 ticket tower you wait 30 min or 1 hour i forgot lol. I miss the events in eternity warriors 3, they should bring it back and put raid bosses. Also the classes in eternity warriors 3 are good, they should add a ninja aka assassin aka rogue lol. Or they should add classes or jobs like marauder aka warrior, lancer aka dragoon, archer aka bard, machinist, dark knight, astrologian, arcanist aka summoner or scholar, thurtamage aka black mage, conjurer aka white mage, maybe a samurai class, job, dancer, other type of classes jobs,etc... Bring Back eternity warriors 3 comment if you agree. Have you ever played eternity warriors 3 anyone here.
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