Why support Glu? When they don't fix or update EW4 or bring back EW3. Lets Boycott!

NatsuUchihaNatsuUchiha Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
I been complaining about these two games also Blood & Glory Immortal for the past week or so in this EW4 Forum and Regular Glu Forum.
Also I been giving my question. Yet no fcking answers.
People are pissed about this Money Hungry Gaming Company who doesn't satisfy their cutomers.
If anyone has an Eternity Warriors 3, or 4 discord server, Facebook group, other social media group for it. I want to join.
We shall all make a petition or boycott on we deserve better content in this game.
Fix the chat log in guild, town chat in EW4, Make energy unlimited, etc... No more pay to win, etc...
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