eternity warriors 4 ( forget password and email not received )

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I forgot the password to my account and clicked "forgot password" and entered my login/email. The system said that it sent me an email but nothing was received.

So I notified support and got this response. 
Thanks for reaching out to us. My name is Bradley from Glu Customer Care and I'm here to help.

The title you are inquiring about is what we refer to as a Legacy game. Legacy games are older games that are no longer receiving updates. 

Unfortunately, it is not possible to anticipate changes in hardware or operating systems that may render a game incompatible. Some Legacy titles may only work with systems that were current when the game was released.

These games, although no longer officially supported, may still have a community discussing them on our forums.

We appreciate your enthusiasm for Glu games and encourage you to explore our great new titles in the app stores.

Best regards,
Glu Mobile Customer Care

As though it was a bug in my phone that stopped their servers from sending an email.

I've contacted Google Play support to let them know about this situation because it's unfair that you're allowing payments on an unsupported game and to ask for a refund of any previous purchases I have made in the game. 


  • OsamaMhOsamaMh Registered Users, Member 2 Posts
    By the way I buy new IPad and still the same.
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