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How long does it take to get each energy bolt? I know I could stare at that timer and figure it out but figure someone else already did.
I like the auto loot function. Do the tickets reset each day or is the quantity you have now remain static?
I know it is early, but any plans to deal with modders? I am sure they are busy writing code as I type this.
Will there always be 100 energy, or will that increase with leveling up or even buying gems?
Will there be weekly events like previous versions of the game?
Oh yeah, and how kill cyclop?


  • TAJINDERRTAJINDERR New Member Registered Users 43 Posts
    Oh man why don't you try to play, so many questions. well I can help u.

    tickets and energy will not reset. It will remain 100 energy always. It can be increase more than 100 if u r already full and get bonus stamina.
    u will get more things when u lvl up. That's it for now. I know u can grab it easily. Lol
  • annonannon Experienced Member Registered Users 128 Posts
    Well that is certainly a fine welcome from one of my oldest in game friends! Ok, Ok, I will play the game and see what up! But you never answered my cyclop question. Mebbe I can hit him right between the eye with my credit card?
  • TAJINDERRTAJINDERR New Member Registered Users 43 Posts
    Handles I m not making a new thread coz I know u r reading all messages. I have a serious game issue where can I submit? In guild kick out option is not working. Every time it says "server failed with unexpected error". Look into it.
  • annonannon Experienced Member Registered Users 128 Posts
    I also have a glitch. On level 1-10 the boss fight goes off screen but the camera does not follow. I can't see the boss or even my toon. I think it will take me a very, very, very long time to reach level 50 if all I can grind is 1-9. Anyone else having this? Or is it just my 1970-ish tablet?
  • hellschefhellschef Experienced Member Registered Users 148 Posts
    Anonn just so you're aware get one bolt every 5 minutes just an FYI
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    Cheers, my old in-game friends :) I see you´ve already received a reply from russian spammer :D Geez, so soon :) Anyway, EW4 on android so I´m gonna check this new S H I T ;) See ya there.
    EW3: Jakub1302
    BGI: Jakub 1302, the guildleader of Goodfellas
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