Boss Raid Event

jakub1302jakub1302 Experienced MemberRegistered Users 197 Posts
Cheers guys! :) I would like to share some opinions about the guilds that lead the boss raid event. I do remember those guilds whose only purpose is hack and mod and ruin the game from EW3. Is it the same here or anyone can give a proof they are legit? Thanx

EW3: Jakub1302
BGI: Jakub 1302, the guildleader of Goodfellas


  • MonigggMoniggg New Member Registered Users 25 Posts
    I write to glu and nothing, waiting on answer , this guilds used mod , players from this guild beat us on arena with low ps , I hope than Glu cancel their very soon to lvl 1

    Regards Monigg
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  • jakub1302jakub1302 Experienced Member Registered Users 197 Posts
    Cześć, Monigg :) Thank you for your input. That´s what I was afraid of. I really hope they will answer you and provide some sort of resolution for this situation. Anyway... if they use mod to play, why the world boss hasn´t been killed yet? :O I would assume that if you had stats on steroids that it shouldn´t be a problem for them.
    EW3: Jakub1302
    BGI: Jakub 1302, the guildleader of Goodfellas
  • FirthFirth Experienced Member Registered Users 219 Posts
    Seen a few other guilds hit the familiar 2147483647 mark....last Friday, 10/11/15 in particular, monigg....
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