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What are Battlefield Items? How do I use them in a battle?
Grenades and RPGs are both examples of Battlefield Items. These are consumable items that can be used during a mission, or PVP match. They cannot be upgraded or modified outside of battle. Once used the item is deducted from your inventory.

How do I get them?
These items can be purchased from the Survival, PVP, or Main stores. They can also be purchased from the pre-battle Loadout Screen.

How do I equip them?
You will have a chance to equip this in the Loadout screen before each Mission. You can hold a total of 3 Battlefield items. Common examples include: Medkits, Grenades, RPGs, Focus Fire, and Drones.

How do I use them?
Once you are in battle, you can use the desired battlefield item by tapping it's icon. If you select a RPG or Grenade, you will have a short delay before it fires or is thrown wherever your aiming recital is pointed. You may tap the icon again during this time to fire/throw the item immediately.

How do I heal during a battle?
To restore health during a battle, you must use a Medkit.

Medkits are consumable items that upon use will restore a portion of your health. Medkits can be purchased from Daily, Survival, PVP, or Main Stores. You can also purchase Medkits from the Loadout screen before entering into battle.

What is the current level cap in Rival Fire?

The current level cap in Rival Fire is 60.
This is true for the Player, as well as Guns, and Squadmates.
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    How do I get rewards?

    How do I earn rewards?
    Play! - The easiest way to earn rewards is by playing the game and participating daily in different game modes.
    Check the Event Calendar. Located in the bottom left of the main menu, check the even calendar for new opportunities to earn items, gun XP, gems and more!

    Check the Task Log: Your task log (blue checkmark icon) has Main and Daily tasks you can do to earn prizes. Make sure to check these every day to maximize your gains.

    Boot Camp: Boot camp (green icon) are special tasks that you must complete and turn in within a certain time frame.

    Become a VIP! - Amazing rewards are in store for those who become a VIP. VIP level is determined by your total number of purchases made over your accounts entire lifetime. Furthermore the rewards for becoming a VIP stack on themselves.
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    Leveling up Guns

    How can I get Gun XP?
    Gun XP can be gotten many different ways: playing in campaign mode, completing challenges or tasks, purchased from the main store, the daily PVP or the Survival stores, etc.

    How do I use Gun XP?
    You use Gun XP by going to your inventory, then selecting the gun you want to upgrade.

    Once selected hit the Level Up Button on the bottom right. You can hit the + button to add a specific amount of Gun XP, or you can hit the 'Add All XP' button on the right.

    Once Gun XP has been added simple hit the 'Level Up' button.

    About Guns, and upgrading
    Guns can be upgraded in different methods. Definition of terms:
    Guns have the following:
    Gun Level: Gun level will improve your gun overall. Most commonly this effects your damage, and reload speed.
    Increasing a gun's level: To increase your gun's level you will need to use Gun XP. Gun XP can be gotten from completing missions, and also purchased from stores.

    Star Level: Star level of a gun determines it's maximum level. It also determines what color the gun is.
    Increasing Star Level: You can increase a Gun's star level once it's reached it's maximum Gun Level. This is done by Fusing it with another gun of the same star level.

    I have an X star gun, what is it's maximum level?
    • 1 Star : 10, White
    • 2 Star : 20, Green
    • 3 Star : 30, Blue
    • 4 Star : 40, Blue
    • 5 Star : 50, Blue
    • 6 Star : 60, Purple

    Gun Fusing: Once a gun has reached it's maximum Gun Level you can increase it's maximum potential by fusing it with a duplicate gun of the same Star level.
    Notes: The duplicate gun must have the same Star Level as the gun you're fusing it with, but must have a gun level of 1. At certain levels guns will require more than a single gun to fuse with.

    Letter Grade: A gun's letter grade determines both the maximum star level of the gun, as well as it's maximum Attack value potential.
    C: max star level is 6
    B: Max star level is 8, Attack had moderate potential
    A: Max star level is 8, Attack has high potential

    Attack: A gun's attack value is an overall measure of it's lethality. This factors in all aspects of the gun. Having higher attack means your gun will be outputting more damage, faster than a gun with lower Attack. It will also allow you to play certain campaign missions that are gated by a minimum attack value.

    Attributes: Each gun has 6 different attributes that will improve specific aspects of the gun. In order to upgrade these you will need to pay a certain amount of Gold (in game currency), as well as the appropriate Gun Component parts. Gun components are earned through completing missions, or can be purchased through the store.
    • Crit/Sight: Increases your Crit rate, and Damage
    • Fire Rate/Receiver: Increases your fire rate and damage.
    • Clip: On some guns this increases your clip size. On others it increases your attack and damage.
    • Accuracy/Barrel: On some guns this increases your accuracy. On others it increases your attack and damage
    • Pierce/Ammo: This increases attack, damage and pierce. Pierce allows your gun to better bypass enemy armor.
    • Recoil/Stock: This improves you gun's recoil.

    I have Guns I don't want, what can I do with them?
    If you have a gun that you don't want you can do 3 different things with it.
    • Dismantle: Dismantling the gun will strip the gun of all of it's Gun Levels, leaving it at level 1. In return you will get Gun XP and gun components.
    • Gold Dismantle: This version will give you a basic return of items
    • Gem Dismantle: This version will give you improved items (more gun XP, and more components)
    • Disassemble: This can only be done to guns that are level 1. Doing this will destroy the gun and return you a varying amount of Gun XP and Components

    Sell:You can sell guns back to the game for gold by selecting the gun via inventory, and tapping 'sell'
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    How is PVP balanced?
    PVP prioritizes player skill over level and weapon upgrades. It is balanced in the following ways:

    Weapons: All weapons are set at their maximum level. Weapon upgrades, and player armor upgrades are all set to 10% effectiveness.
    - Note: Crit rate, reload time, bullet piercing, accuracy, and recoil of upgraded parts will be unaffected by this, and will be at 100% their value.

    Players: All players HP are set to 2500.
    - Note: If a player has increased crit rate, firing rate, move speed, and skill cool-down through leveling up, these will be at full effectiveness in PVP
    Armor upgrades will be capped at 10% effectiveness.

    Items: Grenades, RPGs, and Medkits all have a set modified value in PVP.
    Barrel explosions you cause will only do half damage to you, and full damage to your opponent.
    Barrels have increased HP.
    Temporary items can be collected during a PVP match, for use in that match.

    How does ranking work in PVP?
    There are two different rankings each player will have.

    Rank: This is your overall experience in PvP. Every time you play a match you will gain experience. Once you've gained enough you will rank up.

    Grade: Grades reflect your current skill level using an ELO system.
    Grades are:
    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Diamond
    • Gold Diamond

    Each week prizes are given out based upon a player's grade.
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