Come on Glue where's the rest of the co-op's and where is FPS

Leao WilliamsLeao Williams Registered Users 7 Posts
A lot of us are starting to lose patience Glue we pay dam good money the least you could do is get us some new content out there all your other levels are boring now the new maps for PVP would be nice and open up the rest of the co-op's please


  • Havoc1Havoc1 Registered Users 3 Posts
    Right! So repetitive getting activity points running the same boring co ops and playing the same maps. I was so disappointed they didn't do anything for Thanksgiving like every other game does. Hopefully they do something fun for Christmas. All they do is offer us pricey guns every week.
  • Leao WilliamsLeao Williams Registered Users 7 Posts
    Wow i cant beleave u didnt put new content out with last up date wts wrong glue cant handle the job i gues maybe u should have passed on wefire then and let another company bring it to the west
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