Critical bugs on Rival Fire

felix0121felix0121 Registered Users 10 Posts
I've reported so many bugs in the game to customer service, but now here I want to publicize two critical bugs.

1. App crashing/freezing

I started this Rival Fire on my new phone from its releasing, and for a while there had been no crashing/freezing at all. But recently, from weeks ago, it started to keep crashing even after I factory-resetted my phone.

The crashing issue also happens on strong WiFi, not only on my 4G LTE, and it is going worse. Sometimes I have to try connecting more than ten times to play the game.

I tried all that I could - cleaning cache, reinstallation, uninstalling other apps, closing unnecessary or not-using apps ... etc but nothing helped me. Rival Fire has been only one app which crashes or freezes on my new phone.

2. Verification error

Just before I proceeded to stage 28 in survival mode, and that was my own new highest record after I'd started this game. But a 2007 verification error happened, and the game got cancelled that I lost all my rewards, statistics, and records. (That 'verification error' almost always happen when I make my new record: like 2012 or 2007 verification error..)

Suffering from the crashing issue mentioned above, this time I had to try connecting literally more than ten times to play the game, but that was the final result which did frustrate me. Especially I felt very sad that I lost a chance to check my battle statistics to see whether all the upgrades I'd paid for were working efficiently or not.


Personally I've spent lots of my money, time, and efforts to this game. If I cannot enjoy the game for any technical issues, it is you Glu's problem. Because I tested the Rival fire app on many different conditions, I believe your server or system must have a problem to be fixed.

I did not want to publicize any issue on Rival Fire, and did have done my best to communicate with your customer service team. But now I cannot tolerate anymore. PLEASE FIX THOSE BUGS IMMEDIATELY.

All my purchased weapons/upgrades/items in the game are my properties, and you Glu must take responsibility for the inconvenience that I cannot use them as I want.


  • EndzeitEndzeit Registered Users 2 Posts
    I have the same problem on my htc 10... From lvl 1-58 the game has worked fine but than came the crashes... and the problem is now for about 3 or 4 weeks and I can't play the game anymore...

    The game crashes after about 10 seconds when I open the game... Cache/reinstall/factory reset I tried too, but it still crashes and crashes and it sucks so hard cause I have spend a lot of money in this game -.-

  • Grey_EagleGrey_Eagle Registered Users 1 Posts
    I have also experienced the same problem. It started with an android phone and tablet and I couldn't ever play without it freezing up. I tried my wifes ios ipad mini and it plays fine. I went out and purchased the Nvidia Shield K1 android tablet and now it doesn't freeze but you can't control the aiming on the touch screen and shooting is impossible if you want to win a few games. I am fed up so I loaded up a 6 year old ios Ipad and the game works fine. Apparently the game has problems on Android devices. Also maybe you can tell me if this game will work with a wireless controller and the Nvidia Shield K1 Tablet.
    Please respond or just fix the android issues. I really don't think anyone read these except for the people who play the game......
  • felix0121felix0121 Registered Users 10 Posts
    This app still crashes even after getting the newsest update of Feb 3. 2017.

    Actually now it is crashing faster than before..
  • EndzeitEndzeit Registered Users 2 Posts
    Yep it still crashing... -.-

    Nice work glu... NOT!
  • felix0121felix0121 Registered Users 10 Posts
    This time Glu released great update for new guild system. But unfortunately there are still some critical bugs remained.

    Rarely I can play the game without crashing/freezing when lucky, but usually the app is unstable.

    I hope Glu would improve Rival Fire and keep prospering.
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  • sword527sword527 Registered Users 1 Posts
    El juego va cada vez peor , porfavor arreglen errores q e juego es un éxito
  • felix0121felix0121 Registered Users 10 Posts
    Recently Glu worked to repair verification errors, so now it seems like there is no more verification error.

    But even after the newest update (2017 March), the app crashing issue still exists. I hope Glu can fix it soon.
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