I'm so sick and tired of this game play, its driving me mad!!!!

I have to say and with the greatest of respect to the programmers and what not that genuinely I want to punch them all in the face

This game is now so messed up it is genuinely driving me and everyone I know who plays it crazy

I have a level 60 player, maxed out most powerful machine gun in the game, you release a new sniper rifle that is the most powerful in the game (so all the trust fund babies can buy it) and all that happens is a bunch of idiots spend every PVP match running and sniping, its not a shooting game anymore its just an annoying chase the skinny pink girl game, they're always that stupid skinny pink girl player, all they do is run and snipe run and snipe, I've spent lets say around £130 on my player, for that pretty much I should never lose, its as simple as that, no ifs no buts no maybes I should be able to stand up let rip with my gun and kick anyone's ***

But what you have done allowing this to happen is crazy, you seriously need to sort it out, honestly what is the point in playing, all these little pink girls become gold or diamond platinum or gems level straight away because everyone just quits the game, no one wants to play them

You should bunch all these ****ty sniper gits together an let them practice there pathetic running around snipe snipe snipe **** with each other, leave the normal players alone

So there it is my rant over, please for the love of god come to London and hold a demo so I can find these little numptys and give them the beating of their lives, I'm getting to the point where i seriously need to hurt one of them


  • felix0121felix0121 Registered Users 10 Posts
    I don't understand exactly what happened to you, but just in case, if you met sniper players using iPhones when you fought against them with your android device, you'd better not expect too much for your PVP.

    Many iPhones are currently overwhelming all android (even high-end) phones in gaming experience.I am an android user, and I also often have difficulty in beating them.

    I hope you would get better chance to win.

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