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JohnRileyJohnRiley New MemberRegistered Users 11 Posts
Hi all,

how is the coop experience for others going?

i usually try to get a game without joining with friends, so just getting random coop players.
i tend to get just once per day a game, although I would want to get more, but alwaYs fail to get set up.
i stop searching though after 1-2 minutes.


  • doorsoutdoorsout New Member Registered Users 17 Posts
    To join coop best to watch Global Chat channel and and click on Co-Op Mode Guerrilla WarfareNormal/Hard link when it appears. Clicking on 'System Match-Up' usually doesn't get you a match even though it says :11 sec all the time.
  • JohnRileyJohnRiley New Member Registered Users 11 Posts
    And do you know what makes this link appear?
    anyway good tip!
  • doorsoutdoorsout New Member Registered Users 17 Posts
    To start a Co-op (create the link in Global Channel)

    Click CO-OP -> CREATE TEAM -> Click [Globe] (next to 'MATCH-UP TEAMMATES')

    You can add a message (eg min 30k attack) then click SEND

    (Oh, I believe you need Speaker Tokens/Coins to do this)
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