Chef Duel in Chef Arena?

doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior MemberRegistered Users 145 Posts
This is insane! No tutorial for the dishes, weekly items, and no episodes to play (which affects the Daily Goals) :'(
Will the next update introduce episodes like in previous venues to this venue, 'cause I'm getting sick of this venue appearing in Chef Duel :(


  • KALKAL New Member Registered Users 27 Posts
    Agreed, I don't like having to duel others in this arena. I would rather they keep duels with other players in another area and keep this one separate.
  • jt4703jt4703 New Member Registered Users 40 Posts
    I agree. This area has tanked no less than 4 days of daily goals and my rank in chef duels suffered for it too. A player shouldn't feel punished for opening a new gaming area up but that's exactly how I feel with this location
  • brewbrew Experienced Member Registered Users 193 Posts
    I think unless you pay money to buy the golden coins to upgrade, it's going to be a cumulative thing, a long road to get equipment and rotating food upgraded
  • SpcialJoySpcialJoy Junior Member Registered Users 90 Posts
    That stinks. I'm glad you posted though. I haven't unlocked the arena yet, and I won't until these issues are resolved.
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  • brewbrew Experienced Member Registered Users 193 Posts
    it's only the 2nd week but I'm only ever able to pass the first 2 levels without upgrades. complicated dishes mean I lose time having to check the recipe nearly every time holding down on the customer. I did manage to pass the 3rd level with beef canape boost, but at nearly 2 days to prep that, I can't use it more than a few times a week
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