Gold wasted without confirmation of use

jt4703jt4703 New MemberRegistered Users 40 Posts
:mad:Many times since this update I have found my gold amount getting spent when I do not want to. Things like tapping to collect my wishelin star dishes. I'm tapping to scroll and it's thinking I have tapped that button to hurry it up. I know I've wasted at least 50 gold from this error now that I've seen it happen. I did wonder why my gold kept going down each day. It's probably done this on my regular vip dishes too. It USED TO ask if I wanted to spend gold that way and now it doesn't. Please put back the confirmation screen for ALL GOLD PURCHASES. I'm tired of having my gold spent in ways I don't mean to because it can't figure out I am trying to scroll instead of taping the button.


  • LockisbettaLockisbetta Junior Member Registered Users 74 Posts
    I pressed that one by accident once and it was silent, just took the gold with no sound and that's it. Luckily it was only 2 gold but it adds up.

    The worst one I'd say is after losing a duel. Sometimes a popup to buy a recommended item will appear almost directly on top of the button to continue.
  • jeebusjeebus New Member Registered Users 48 Posts
    I posted about this before when I bought a happy hour on a pop up after a duel. Not cool. Sometimes there's a confirmation window and sometimes there's not. How hard can it be to have one all the time?
  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Experienced Member Registered Users 436 Posts
    I totally agree! I wrote to support about this issue a few month's back and only received a form letter of "appreciation and concern" in reply. I think this is the only game, out of the several that I play regularly, which lacks confirmation screens whenever currency related to real world cash is at stake. And I've -never- seen a game remove a confirmation screen before either, only add more of them!

    - SuFe718
  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Experienced Member Registered Users 436 Posts
    PS: And those recommendations are the worst -- waay too easy to buy those by mistake. I've gotten used to scrolling on the left side of the VIP dish selector list. That area, too, is too easy to misclick if one scrolls on the right side of the list but it can be avoided.

    - SuFe718
  • KaiPlayzKaiPlayz Registered Users, Member 8 Posts
    Yes, me too. I spent 18 gold from that problem. 2019 still not fixed haha!
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