Questions about seating pattern and Premonition boost

doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior MemberRegistered Users 146 Posts
1. Why must the seats have 3 reserved only for regular customers and the 2 remaining only for VIPs? I think it would be less stressful and crowded when customers are seated randomly like in Cooking Dash, therefore the "served all customers" goal can be more easily to achieved, too :D
2. I've noticed that sometimes the orders shown by the Premonition boost are a little bit different from when the customers arrive: A customer orders 2 dishes may only order 1 dish, with the other dish being ordered by another customer who was shown previously to order only 1 dish. I wonder if it's a bug
3. Another thing I have observed from the newest update is that VIPs in Dubai in the Sky also order drinks and dessert, too :v This is making a venue way more difficult than previous venues, but I've never seen that occurred in Chef Duel, so hopefully this will happen some point in the future :D
4. If a Compost Bin upgrade is available in the game (like in Cooking Dash), it would be a great help to people who want to avoid discarding penalty in Chef Duels and an aid in getting 5 stars at late-game levels, too :D Can we get this in the future?
Thanks for reading :D


  • LockisbettaLockisbetta Junior Member Registered Users 74 Posts
    1 - Just how it is I guess, at least during Happy Hour customers will fill every seat including the VIP ones.

    2 - Prepmonition would be a great VIP ability if the thought bubble 'locked' the customer to that specific seat. It's disorienting when they switch seats, hopefully it's a bug and will get fixed.

    3 - No idea about this one, I don't have Dubai unlocked yet.

    4 - Would be nice although if you're getting 5 stars on a late-game level you shouldn't need to throw stuff away :p
  • doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior Member Registered Users 146 Posts
    1. But it would be a punishment for those who accidentally upgraded everything like me, since I can't get a "served all customers" in early levels because of the extra customers :(
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