Third prep slot for 25 gold in ALL venues

RoxoRoxo New MemberRegistered Users 47 Posts
The strangest thing happened last night :P the third prep slot in ALL venues was up for sale for only 25 gold
For arena i only had first slot, so the second prep slot was available for 25 gold as well. The third was for 125 gold but did not get that :D
Did anyone have the same yesterday or ever?

PS I also had the first 3 venues with second prep slot for 0 gold a few months back, but the forum was unknown to me at that time so I couldn't share.


  • TutanTutan New Member Registered Users 27 Posts
    It usually offers me the third slot for 25g when it gives me the second one for free. The free second slot isn't just for the first three venues, I got the Dubai second slot free a couple days ago, as well as Ultime, DnC, PPP, and Prato. I think it only does it during duels, but I could be wrong.
  • phaedrusphaedrus New Member Registered Users 47 Posts
    yep, all second slots (except chef arena) were free for me today... nice!
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