Don't know what you have till it's gone...

M0MM0M Experienced MemberRegistered Users 122 Posts
I miss the old chef duels against actual people. The new system matches you up against a computer who always uses the hamburger boost and awards 1 common ticket for a victory. In the past, I loved being challenged by others. It was exciting to watch the progress bar advance to my victory. That is a thing of the past now. I miss getting random tickets for dueling. I am always short on blue tickets, so it made me happy when I earned one. Since the update, I only earn common. Lastly, I am happy with the new scoring system. 10 points for a victory and 10 points for a loss. That is an improvement from 3 points for a victory and 18 for a loss (when I reached the higher levels). Maybe there could be some sort of hybrid. Mix in actual human duels with the computer duels.


  • SansaSansa Junior Member Registered Users 78 Posts
    I believe we could still duel real people through the 'Rivals' list, but then you won't get challenged back.

    Yeah, I am getting more common tickets than uncommon too in the new update. Won 26 times only got 5 uncommon tickets this week. However, I don't recall getting an uncommon ticket every time I won in previous patches.

    Still prefer the old scoring system though. It feels nice to beat someone with higher duel points and getting +16-ish points ;P
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