Hmmmm...looks like a network error

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I can't take it anymore!!! Every time I try to complete chef duels, I am greeted with this error message. I try again and again and again, sometimes I connect sometimes not. I have the same problem at the farmers market. Since I am not dueling as much, I'm not making recipes, but I can't sell my extra produce. It is not my internet connection, it is a Ramsay Dash problem. It has been this way since the last update. Please, please, please fix the bugs before adding a new restaurant. With each update new bugs are introduced and old ones are ignored. This used to be my go to game, but now I am considering looking for a new one. So sad...


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    Yeah, whatever is happening it is a pretty significant issue with connectivity. This issue needs to be fixed soon or I can seriously find another causal game to fill my free time.
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    Shortly after the latest Rush Hour update, one of those weeks I also had that problem.

    What I did, for Android version (assuming your phone's hardware performance is sufficient and you are certain your nation's telco do provide very fast and stable broadband connection), is to backup the game and progress with Helium app, and reinstall the game. (Perhaps for this instance, they just happened to fix their server when I just done reinstalling the game ... it lasted for half a day)

    Sometimes I sense that their file integrity is also an issue which may affect connectivity. Before reinstalling 3 weeks ago, I played the game for about 8 months. During those days, my game's Android notification never worked for 5 months. And occasionally, their update code is so bad that sometimes after a certain update, my game lagged a lot.

    And indeed, there was this one update I got last year that worsened my game's total freezing simply because the game tried to fetch more players in my duel list by wifi as I was just trying to scroll it (3 minutes per scrolling of 4 players!!! Usually scrolling only causes a second of stutter for my phone). It also caused connecting players while starting a duel to take longer than usual even with my home wifi. Solved when the next update arrives in just a week.
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