Blue Tickets

M0MM0M Experienced MemberRegistered Users 122 Posts
I am looking for advice to get more blue tickets. I purchase auto chefs in the ticket store. I have enough gold and pink tickets to buy several auto chefs. I don't have enough blue to purchase even one. I've started keeping my chef duels in the 1300's to get the maximum blue tickets giving up the gold and gold tickets I could earn. I complete my chef arena boss Challenges and get 3 tickets from Joe Macroni. My mystery boxes generally give me pink tickets or recipes. Can't remember the last time I got blue tickets from a mystery box. My chef duels generally give me a grey ticket sometimes pink . Maybe one or two a week are blue. I no longer spend the blue tickets in the ticket shop to get gold or uniforms. I hoard each and every blue ticket. I've even used 100 common tickets to get the mystery ticket box three times. Each time I received pink tickets. What am I missing???


  • broilmebkbroilmebk Experienced Member Registered Users 132 Posts
    Looks like you're doing everything right. Seems like I'm having the same issue with getting blue tickets. Maybe this is glu's way of slowing down our progress?
  • Snakes 1960Snakes 1960 New Member Registered Users 19 Posts
    I have found the blue tickets harder to get than you would think.l have yet to use a gold ticket.
    Also,Would love to be able to sell the tickets for even half what they charge for them.
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