Chef Duel Prize Showcase

PoodsPoods New Member7 PostsRegistered Users
Typically in the prize Showcase I will buy the gold, or maybe groceries if I want to save on coins, but I am curious about some of the other items.

1- items like hats, wings, jackets and capes .... Are they purely decorative? Or do they give some type of boost?

2- auto chefs, how do I know which location? One time use or always? Worth it?

Thanks in advance.

BTW - new layout sucks


  • chefniddochefniddo New Member 11 PostsRegistered Users
    1. All items are purely decorative.

    2. There's no official guide to the autochefs, but you can check each venue and see where they're from. You can also gauge from their outfits. But yes, when you buy them, they're permanent. They're very worth it!
  • broilmebkbroilmebk Experienced Member 132 PostsRegistered Users
    I agree, new layout is ****

    If you go to the upgrades for each location, the auto chef will show up under appliances
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