Nothing in my game is working!!!!!

Hi guys,

Nothing in my game is working at the moment. All I can do is play duels ( not even sure if they are counting) and play episodes ( with one boost slot mysteriously locked)

The problems are the following:

1. As stated above when trying to play episodes one of the boost slots are blocked. This also means that in Chef Arena as i only had one slot open I cannot use boosts at all

2. I cannot make or collect boost recipes. All the recipes I was making when this problem occurred are gone ☹️

3. My Gordon goals are not resetting and timer shows 6227 days till next goals

4. I cannot join group goals ( error message says " no longer active". Nor can I create any ( weird thing shows same goal for all three with no information about rewards ect)

5. I cannot receive messages nor send any or receive gifts

6. I no longer have objects appearing on world map

7. No Wishelin inspector is showing up and neither is the timer for when he is next due

All of these things have made it impossible to make any progress in the game. I have sent these issues through to GLU through "contact us" chat only to be told they are working on fixing these issues in future update and my ticket has been closed!!! Basically the game is useless and I can't even put the gold I've bought to good use.

Anyone else having these issues. I'm so frustrated as I'm basically bed bound and use this game as entertainment.

GLU is there anything at all thst you can do except brush me off???

Thank you


  • Julz81Julz81 Registered Users 23 Posts

    Everything is now back to normal except the Gordon goals ( which is ok) and nothing appears on world map
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Sorry to hear that! Are you still unable to see the Goals and world map? If so, please contact support in Customer Care. They'll be able to investigate further.
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