Ingredient store is down again - Network error

It's a middle of the prep event and of course, the ingredient store is down again. No items for sale, network error, the usual stuff. :( Been like that for at least an hour.

Looks like Gordon Ramsay need to yell at someone to speed up and get better servers! And while you're on it - change the message text. It's not my network that's a problem. I have 200 mbos, should be enough to run a mobile game for cripes sake.


  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Sorry to hear that! If this happens again, can you try toggling your wifi off and on and let me know if that works for you?
  • BunnyRanchBunnyRanch Registered Users 67 Posts
    I'm not an expert on this but if all other games work fine and I have fast speed cable connection - what difference would this make? If there was a problem with my wifi would it not manifest itself in other applications too? Sorry but this just seem like an irrational advice... If a car does not start it won't help if you open the door and close again.

    When I close the game completely, it should establish a new connection with a server. Connection quality is not driven by the fact when wifi was reset last time.

    By the way, this issue resolved itself in a few hours without me making any changes. Which again points out the issue is not on the player side.
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