Which Restaurant to unlock next?


I'm pretty sure there are few people here who may have played most of the restaurants in the game. I need some help. I have completed all episodes of Big Bay Burgers, Pizza Paisan, Delish 'n' Chips and currently on S3E3 in Lucky Langoustine. I am LVL 22, Fame LVL 5. I do my best to complete the daily quests, video offers and a couple of group goals for gold (and regularly get to Swing Cook for the 6 gold each week). I do not buy gold, however. Moving ahead, my question is which restaurant should I fund next?

Preferably, I want a restaurant which is easy on the amount of gold for upgrades. I don't have a problem with difficulty, as long as I get enough coins. Please suggest me one out of the ones I've already unlocked.

  • Prato Toscano
  • Ultime
  • Dragon Bowl
  • Sweet 'n' Savory Street Food
  • Dubai in the Sky
  • Chef Arena (is that a restaurant?)

Thank you!


  • AsentinnAsentinn Registered Users 141 Posts
    From my knowledge the more on the right the more expensive venues get. Before BBQ Chef Arena was the most expensive, now I'm not sure.

    And Chief Arena is somewhat a venune because you can have rolled a duel there, but to play there Duel Token is required instead of supplies.
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  • M0MM0M Registered Users 122 Posts
    Although the Chef Arena requires lots of gold to upgrade, I feel it is completely worth your investment. It is basically boss duels working your way up from easy to hard (beating Gordon) to earn rewards: coins, gold, recipes, duel coins, common, blue, pink and gold tickets, surprise boxes too. Once you beat a boss, you can't duel him again until the Sunday reset. I earn 3 blue, 2 pink and 2 golden tickets per week (plus whatever I may get in a suprise box) in the Chef Arena. I use those to purchase autochefs in the ticket store, which saves a tremendous amount of gold. They generally cost 60 blue, 20 pink and 10 gold tickets. FYI: I do remember the Chef Arena autochef costing extra tickets. The chef arena is my favorite restaurant because of the fun rewards.
  • amolakcamolakc Registered Users 9 Posts
    prato tascano will be a good choice.
  • Sanjeev KSanjeev K Registered Users 14 Posts
    Hmm, unlocked PPP today as well. I think I'll go for Ultime before PT, those blowtorch stations sound fun. Also, PT has pastas and oven dishes, a bit similar to PP I presume, maybe not repetitive but still.
  • BunnyRanchBunnyRanch Registered Users 67 Posts
    I second the suggestion on Chef Arena, it's the restaurant that keeps on giving, unlike others. Wish I'd unlocked it earlier.

    Otherwise I'd just go in the same order the restaurants appear on the map. Personally though I find Prato Toscano the most annoying. I absolutely hate the music there, have to turn it off everytime I play it.
  • amy9988amy9988 Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    I agree on chef arena! Saved forever. Try to do free gold with videos everyday- it’s 8/day! Finally figured out trick on Prato which I didn’t like- aquacotta. Love using burger thrower with morsel magnet if out of fast feet. Chef arena- with the chef upgrade u can make it pretty far with no help. Lots of perks- I can get to Gordon with fast feet & the bottom one. Don’t know which to open next....
  • amy9988amy9988 Registered Users, Member 5 Posts
    Don’t forget to get the blue tickets because every week you can get an additional 15 free gold and a lot of points under chef duels rewards
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