Connection errors in goals



  • M0MM0M Registered Users 122 Posts
    No worries, Amy! My suspicion was that all my friends weren't seeing my goals because I didn't see theirs. Hopefully this issue will be corrected soon!
  • LeebraLeebra Registered Users 37 Posts
    I was wondering if there was a problem today as I posted a group goal and not even one person helped which has never happened before...
  • M0MM0M Registered Users 122 Posts
    Today I can see a few group goals on my board. When I hit the join button, the dreaded check connection warning pops up. I can't join any goals at all. It has been that way all day. As usual, every other part of the game works swimmingly, only group goals gives me fits.
  • Alisha1980Alisha1980 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    I'm able to join a group after it refreshes & I've lost a ton of hearts....but what's ticking me off most is I've lost so much gold when I try to complete a joined gold... it take 20, 20, & 20 gold again & the goal not be completed. As we all know, gold isn't easily obtainable (Especially now since video rewards aren't loading or working for most players!) and can be costly. After contacting Customer Care with great detail of several issues & screenshots, all I got was I had a device/Wi-Fi issue.
    This game used to be so fun for me, a stay at home Mom break, now it's just pure frustrating. I'm definitely holding off on spending Any more money on the game until the issues are fixed, I don't have it to put towards my games progress & the game just take it without giving what you're paying for.
    I hope it's fixed very soon......
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