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bec13bec13 New MemberRegistered Users 31 Posts
Hi all,
Nnot sure if this has been posted here, but did something change with Beef Bourguignon that I missed? It doesn't seem to work on anything I use it for. Previously if I used it in Ultime for example, the torch would be done instantly but since that has changed it doesn't do anything.

Can anyone enlighten me?


  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    Sadly, it changed from instant cooking to a 4 times drink coin bonus. The prep time also was decreased by an hour. Don't know why they did that. The old way was definitely more fun!
  • brewbrew Experienced Member Registered Users 193 Posts
    I didn't upgrade those two things in Ultime because of that, finished it before they changed it thankfully, but now I'll never duel in there, it's terribly slow

    HOWEVER, the 4x drink has been a huge help in getting big points and finishing restaurants.. especially Gastroyacht, clocking in at over 100 gold on drinks :D Finished that, Kiwi, blackstump, and royal orchid pretty easily using Cheers boost
  • bec13bec13 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Ahhh thank you so much for letting me know! I used to smash through Ultime with him and Acquacotta and now, no such luck.

    Thanks guys
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