This game is too stressful!

doantuankhoidoantuankhoi Junior MemberRegistered Users 146 Posts
I accidentally bought all the decor upgrades in a venue and now I'm swarmed with customers, so many that I can't serve them all within its time limit.
The thing is I don't want to use Rush Hour since it will be harder for me to play since I can't recite those recipes correctly under pressure :(
Is there any way, like paying gold or watching an ad to remove a level's timer so that I can play at my own pace?
I want to play for fun, not having stressful moments to get 5 stars gold (serving all customers) since my schoolwork is already too much for me to handle :(
TL;DR: I just want to pay gold/watch an ad to remove the countdown to make the level easier :(


  • Lollipop LouLollipop Lou New Member Registered Users 2 Posts
    If you have the gold, try upgrading to happy hour which will give you some extra time (or you can make the recipe for this). Other than that you will have to complete them all within the time limit given. Rush hour is great to use or order flinger with morsel magnet and then you don't have to run around too much.

    When you use rush hour, try concentrating on one customer at a time before moving onto the next one. I know its a lot of pressure, but you can do it!
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