More VIP dishes for sale

As long as you're selling VIP recipes for gold, it'd be fantastic if you could offer even more combos including all of them. During the Free Duel event last week you briefly offered a combo including the Rush Hour boost, which was great, but that is now gone. And the Cheers boost and Extra Time boost have not recently been offered at all.

In lieu of increasing prep slots, or implementing the great suggestion of an automatic prep queue system, buying VIP dishes for gold is the only option for competitive dueling throughout the week. Yes, I know we can buy individual dishes for gold directly from the prep kitchen for extremely premium prices, but the special offers make more sense and those are what I, personally, am more willing to purchase. I'm sure that you, GLU, will still make plenty of profit by adding additional VIP dish combos to your (thankfully now daily) special offers.

Additionally, any chance you'd consider adding a few other less-premium VIP dishes as prizes for easy/medium group goals to balance things out (in addition to cioppino and laguna burger)? Perhaps cook safe, morsel magnet, or carry four? Prepmonition takes 3 hours to prep and is often a requirement for group goals -- yet it's never offered for gold or as a bonus (I've never gotten it as a drop from a prep recipe box either). Any chance that could be increased in circulation somehow?

- SuFe718
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