I have the craziest idea for a new restaurant! And other game suggestions...

What if...

...we served customers on THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE SCREEN!?

Mind blown right? We are so used to customers always being on the left that it would seriously throw off your game! COME ON GLU MAKE THIS HAPPEN!

Other ideas on the table:

1. COOKING IN SPACE! Anti-gravity space station cooking anyone?

2. Why not make some BONUS challenge levels for every restaurant? Even make them a NO PREP CHEF ALLOWED challenge?

3. How about let us pay gold to change the color of the decoration items in our restaurants? It would add personality. Come on you know you want a pink Gastroyacht Pacifica!

4. New prep chef idea....if you burn an item they can magically restore the item or throw it away for you! I hate having to throw burnt crisps away and lose progress on my Ramsay fire meter. :(

Let me know what you guys think!


  • LadyinDenimLadyinDenim Registered Users 93 Posts
    Changing the colors in the venues sounds great - especially if we can visit our friend's restaurants! How about dueling in the same restaurant? I use your autochef or you come to my kitchen and toss your own d#&n salad!
  • gingerjaegingerjae Registered Users, Member 10 Posts
    I wouldn't mind a VIP who brings everybody up to max happiness for as long as the VIP is seated. Maybe something like an insta-cook that will make it so all of your non-metered cooking stations finish instantly. So it wouldn't work on things like the seasoning stations (which you could use Stella for), or the searing station or other temperature metered stations (which you used to be able to use Jean for, before he switched to the beverage thing), but it would work on ovens, grills, stoves, pots, drink makers (like Gastroyacht Pacifica or Black Stump BBQ), freezers, pasta makers, candy makers, assemblers, all the stations except the spice station in Diner de los Muertos, etc. Being such an awesome prep recipe, it could be like the auto-check prep recipe, taking a long time to cook and requiring the most rare ingredients.
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