Brew not getti to customers in Poutine Pool Party

bec13bec13 New MemberRegistered Users 31 Posts
Anyone else notice it's taking 2-3 goes of hitting the brew for it to arrive at the customers? Not all of them just some. I thought I must have been no hitting the button properly but I've monitored it all afternoon/evening and I have definitely sent it several times and it just disappears at the end.


  • SisterbearSisterbear Junior Member Registered Users 113 Posts
    Same thing happening to me, at first I thought I was taping too fast or the wrong spot but I tested it out and it takes at least 2 but usually 3-4 taps to get the brew to send. It is annoying because I send the brew and think the customer should be done and have to run back and tap again. It has brought my score down about 250-300 points lower when I duel. I hope they look into this glitch soon.
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