Duel Network Error - missing event!

I am getting a Network Error when I try to play duels. This is annoying as it is the free duels today and I haven't been able to play it all afternoon. The fact that I get a Network Error also means I can't buy more supplies with tickets so can't play right now. Any idea when this will be fixed as I am missing the end of the event?


  • ktbettyktbetty Registered Users 2 Posts
    Same here -_-
  • LeavenLeaven Registered Users 2 Posts
    Still having the same issue.
  • ChiefcookChiefcook Registered Users 10 Posts
    Me too - really annoying. I've messaged a complaint but not had a reply.
  • ChefmideChefmide Registered Users 5 Posts
    I have the same problem! I can't duel back, I asked that this event is brought back early this week to compensate us players!!
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Hey guys. Thanks for letting us know about this. The team is aware of it and looking to fix it as we speak.
  • saunderdsaunderd Registered Users 10 Posts
    glad I wasn't the only one - I had the same issue but whenever I report anything I just get told it must be my connection error. I have 3 ways to connect (2 wi-fi's at home and my phone too) so if anywhere has a problem I always have 1 which is usually my phone that is most reliable.

    Having Glu come back all the time with the same line is not ok and never get recompense or gifted.
  • newjammynewjammy Registered Users 5 Posts
    I have been experiencing this error for four days. I've missed two daily challenges and have had to forfeit at least 8 duels....frustrating
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Sorry to hear that newjammy. Are you on a Kindle by chance? If not, please contact Customer Care and let them know. They'll be able to help troubleshoot.
  • manxmistmanxmist Registered Users 3 Posts
    I am not ignoring my friends group goals but I am unable to play chef duels or arena do not waste your hearts etc asking me to complete as cannot do so been nearly 3months now.WHATS GOING ON!!!!!!!!will I get my money refunded that I have spent?????
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Hey there manxmist. Are you on Kindle?
  • manxmistmanxmist Registered Users 3 Posts
    Yes I am is that the problem and if so why?had no problems until the last update
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Moderators 664 Posts
    Hey there manxmist. We know that Kindle has had issues with the Chef Duels. We're sorry for the inconvenience but rest assured that the development team is aware of this.
  • buzz32buzz32 Registered Users 4 Posts
    Are people still experiencing problems with the chef duals? I understand there are issues with the kindles, which is what I have. I am just getting tired of not being able to complete the daily duels..
  • CathyGCathyG Registered Users 10 Posts
    Buzz32 it's been choose to 2 months and no fix for this issue so don't hold your breath.  I haven't spent a penny on this game since the error because the Chef Fuel Arena is the best part of the game and because I can't complete daily goals.
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