Continued problems with goals?

I'm still having issues with goals. I reported again about two weeks ago with screenshots. Right after, I started seeing even fewer-maybe 1 or 2 a day from friends. Now I have gone almost a week without seeing a single goal from any of my friends and I'm not getting much help from friends. I don't know if they did something that made it worse or if a lot of my friends have just stopped trying. Is anyone else still having problems with goal lists?


  • Jen1016Jen1016 Registered Users 30 Posts
    Did the update and seeing a few again,
  • LeebraLeebra Registered Users 37 Posts
    For some time now I've only been able to join a friend's goal if they ask for help as 99.9% of the time they are no longer showing on my board, one will occasionally show but that's it.
  • gordonnygordonny Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi Leebra, you cannot see my goals right?
  • LeebraLeebra Registered Users 37 Posts
    edited November 2017
    Hi gordonny, yes unfortunately that was the case...
    Edit: I saw jen1016's post about an update so have just updated the game and can once again see my friends goals!
  • Jen1016Jen1016 Registered Users 30 Posts
    Leebra: are you starting any goals? I haven't seen any from you in a long time but you have high numbers each week. Dashingmike asked if I was still having problems, but I don't know how many people I'm not seeing vs. how many just aren't creating goals anymore.
  • LeebraLeebra Registered Users 37 Posts
    I don't create that many jen1016 but I do actually have an easy one going at the moment
  • MummybearMummybear Registered Users 4 Posts
    Still having the issues!! Drives me nuts ??
  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Registered Users 443 Posts
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    Yup, it's back! After a long spell of enjoying wonderful problem-free play, I started getting the old Check Network error again about half an hour ago. I'd been playing for several hours off and on and knocked out at least a dozen GGs before this happened. Now I cannot join or create. 

    I've tapped so many different goals at this point, trying to see if I could join something, that, even though I am being told I cannot join because of the Connection error, I probably HAVE been attached to at least one goal. It has happened this way in the past. Tomorrow, or a few days from now, I will be told I've neglected to complete at least one goal and it/they will crumble away without telling me which friend's goal I failed so I cannot even send a "Sorry about that" message in-game. I apologize here to whichever friend(s) I am inevitably letting down right now -- it's out of my control! 

    - SuFe718
  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    The same problem here.I can't create or join friend's group goal.Customer service is not very responsive.I am getting tired!
  • SisterbearSisterbear Registered Users 113 Posts
    I haven't been able to see any goals just start goals for 5 days. I even started a goal and did the extra invite friends, then urgent invite friends, spending 25, 50 hearts and 5 gold and my friends aren't seeing my goals. I know this because my husband and daughter are my friends .
    Customer service responded that my internet it too slow? Saying I need 10mb and not to use cell service. Frustrated since I only use an iPad ( no cell service) and I have fiber 1 gig solid connection plus a backup service of 300mb broadband at my home. I sent screenshots of my speed tests and they responded robotically check your internet again?

    5 days is frustrating , lost 4 friends , and I know it is not my internet. I also spent hearts and gold and did not get what I purchased. That I assume especially the gold part needs to be corrected since it is a Money issue? My goals seem to "stop" after I do a friends goal and Gordan's goal is a blue ticket for doing a goal in CARNEval. Then Gordon's goal goes away and all I can do it start goals. I wish customer care would listen and nit just give me a robot like answer, at least maybe they could find the bug or glitch causing this.
  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    Dolis said:

    The same problem here.I can't create or join friend's group goal.Customer service is not very responsive.I am getting tired!

  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    Now I have the response from customer care.I found it rather amusing.Guys maybe you would like to try the magic as sugested by customer service team!It does not work for me by the way.

    "First of all, I would like to sincerely apologize for the confusion in our previous response.Yes, it is Restaurant Dash. I was just playing the game on my iPad 3 here and it seems that the game is working fine without any issues.

    But, my colleague here was experiencing network issues when he was trying to access group goals. That was really strange. However, when we both found a magic which worked out. We were just pulling down the group goal screen multiple times and all of a sudden the game was working fine. Till now, my colleague nor I have not faced any such issues.

    Can you also try doing the same and see if you are still experiencing the problem? If it still happens, let me know so that I can discuss this with our developers and come up with a perfect solution."
  • Julz81Julz81 Registered Users 23 Posts
    I’m having the check network error too.
    I’ve found getting any help from support to be a challenge. I still am dealing with issues I had over 9 months ago that have never been fixed.
  • Leighann912Leighann912 Registered Users 1 Posts
    I've been having this issue off and on for a couple of weeks but haven't been able to access my ingredients in 2 days and even when I am able to join a group goal, my plays don't count against it and I end up letting my friends down. 
  • mommin16mommin16 Registered Users 3 Posts
    The only goals I can join or complete are Gordans. Every other goal I try to join or create says connection error. Also can't access Market to buy or sell ingrediants. Very frustrating!
  • SisterbearSisterbear Registered Users 113 Posts
    edited January 2018
    I have been unable to see group goals for over 1 week now with no help from customer care. I also only see a Gordon goal and it is always in Carneval venue? I even did Gordon's goal twice even though I didn't like the goal just to see if my friends goals would come back but no luck.
    I had problems with the market for a day but it is better now.
    I just hate letting my friends down for a week with goals.

    Another clue possibly, is I have 2 loyal friends and if I send them a message it says I can't message them again for 7 hours? All my other friends are every 5 minutes? Last time this goal problem happened it got solved for me by deleting a friend that was causing it? I always thought this friend that caused the goal problem was a bot so I was very careful to try and pick real players when I redid my friend list. The two friends I can only message every 7 hours are PSMOORE and ElizaWang.

    It just got worse now it is stuck on Gordon's goal is completed click ok. I click ok and it comes back and I click ok and it comes back so I'm stuck on that screen.
  • DonnaRuthDonnaRuth Registered Users 20 Posts
    I’m having trouble completing the goal, but not getting the reward. Anyone else having this problem?
  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    Connection error again today.I can't access farm market or social hub at all.Anyone same issue?
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