Chef Duels Complaint

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As many times as I play chef Duels, I should have over 30,000 Coins, but coins aren't being added to your coin count. They really should make it where whatever coins you earned in chef duels, it should be added to your coin stash.


  • SupremeFettucineSupremeFettucine Registered Users 443 Posts
    edited December 2017
    Apparently this was discussed on the previous forum. I missed it there too. There's another recent thread in this forum where it was discussed and then I investigated further. 

    Sadly, the definitive answer is that you do not EARN coins for duels. They are "tabulated" to determine your score but they do not get added to your game coin balance. So sad! ?

    The game FAQ section has been amended to specify this important information. I also think that the coin clinking sound that was occurring at the end of duels has, or may soon, be removed as well. It obviously makes sense for that sound cue to be heard in the venues where you ARE banking your earned profits but really misleading to have it after Chef duels if you're not earning any coins there. 

    But, yes, I completely agree with you that our earned coins should be banked regardless of how they're earned! 

    - SuFe718
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