Confessions of a Dash-aholic Give me my game back!

I've been playing Ramsay Dash for months and simply love it. That being said it has more bugs and glitches than any game ive ever played. In December it froze and when i logged back in it took me back to the very beginning! Customer Care responded and fixed my game and my progress,on Christmas Day believe it or not,now it has frozen again and can't log back in just gives me the error message saying cant load content. I need help,I need my fix!


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    They haven't updated yet so we don't know what to expect.
  • AsentinnAsentinn Experienced Member 141 PostsRegistered Users
    I don't know - is that game not profitable enough to give us feedback about updates? As far as I know we have (and I'm thankful for him) DashingMike to support us - but it seems his only responsibility is to listen our problems and guide players to Customer Support.

    We need proper player handling! Changelogs, interesting events, maybe new feature to keep this game fresh. This game have really great potential and have loyal players that are ready to withstand that annoying bugs that we stumble upon.
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