Duels with 0% upgrades

Just wondering if anyone has feedback on how someone who has zero upgrades in a venue and doesn’t use any boosts during the duel can get such a high score? I use two boosts in almost a fully upgraded venue, use the frenzy meter and the player with nothing still wins. Does fame tier or level number factor in? Thanks!


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    palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    edited February 2018
    @duchessGG This is actually a well known glitch with cross platform playing. Ie someone logged onto both an android and IOS device. It shows 0 upgrades but that’s not actually what the player has. I always just assume the player has 100 percent everything.
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    Alisha1980Alisha1980 Registered Users, Member 11 Posts
    I've also had the same issue with people having 0% upgrades in a duel beating me at a full 100%. I screenshot and contacted customer care, all I received back was information about what duels are, no legit answers.
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    ChefWreckChefWreck Registered Users 54 Posts
    I don't trust any 0% upgrade players in the green and white uniform with the pink hair, they're always the ones playing in this glitch so I just forfeit and shake my head because I know they're going to beat my a$$ if I play 
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