Bye bye Gordon from a loyal player !

Submitted to Glu customer care: 

Ok, that's all ! In Italy We say that the glass is full. I'm really really really tired to hear that the Game is not working correctly because of my Internet connection or my old i phone that is working perfectly with all the games except yours. I'm tired to hear that you are working on bugs and issues when every day i do my best to get in social area or chef duels praying not see " connection error". I'm tired to wait for a new restaurant since october 2017!!! When i've asked you very politely,more Than one month ago , when were you going to open a new restaurant you told me that the team was working on fixing bug !!! The Game never worked so bad like in that period! Maybe was  a joke, but not for me that i ' ve spent a lot of real money on the Game. I' ve contacted you first time 6 months ago for connection problems. You told me that was my fault. I've spent money with Vodafone to ensure that my modem was working properly as you suggested me but everithing was perfect. Then i discover ed through Glu forum that all players had same problem. At that time i really enjoyed the Game so i tried not to care about it. Now My patience is definitely gone. You'll never admit it but this Game is over and i 've invest ed money in wrong Game. Why i didn't choose cooking dash that you are always updating ? I would have my money back but i think is impossible and i don't want unUseful gold for this Game. If you were really a good customer care  you could  give me some gold bonus for startinG play cooking dash.  If you really care about your customer you Should seriously think about it. Not only for me. For everybody that loves this Kind of games and invest ed real money in gordon dash.    That's really all.   Greetings 

Player name:
exp 64 f 27 

ATTENTION. If you have me as friend ,don't worry cause i'm a loyal friend.  i will still play daily social challenge and i'll give you hearts! 
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