Can't Serve Inspector

Hi I am struggling with Season 6 Level 5 in Lucky Lang. as I have too many customers and the Inspector seems to be in the last 10 that I can't serve! I have tried all sorts of boosts to help me serve them all but now the Inspector is on his 3rd rotation where he keeps coming back to only LL and it's the same drill all over again (usually there are a handful of restaurants to serve him in)

Any tips? Driving me nuts!


  • saunderdsaunderd Registered Users 10 Posts
    right, I have just purchased the Happy Hour upgrade and it would appear the Inspector just isn't turning up! I get right to the end and serve all customers but he isn't there!
  • saunderdsaunderd Registered Users 10 Posts
    UPDATE - I contacted Customer Care & they are aware of the problem & working on it but can't give a timeframe & even said 'might take a considerable amount of time' :-(
  • ChefmideChefmide Registered Users 5 Posts
    Hello everyone chefmide here, I need some advice on the next venue to not too expensive... I have opened BBurgers,PP,PT,LL,Ultime,Dubai In the air,Carneval Steakhouse and Delish and Chips. I will appreciate your advice. Thanks! :)
  • DolisDolis Registered Users 28 Posts
    Hi Chemide,
    I would suggest to go for Sweet and Savoury or Kiwi Cottage,not very expensive and fun to play.
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