Add a search to the group goals screen

Sometimes I am looking for a specific goal that matches up with one of my daily goals so the same actions will fulfill both goals, but I have to refresh through the goals for like ten minutes before I find someone who is doing that goal. It would be awesome if we could have a search filter on active goals. Similarly, it would be nice if we could dismiss active friend group goals that we can't do, like if the only group goal one of my friends is doing is in a location I can't participate in, I would like to dismiss that goal so I can look through other "non-friend" active goals to join. Or you could add the option to pay gold to create a group goal that isn't in your list, so if I wanted to create the "serve inspector twice" goal but it wasn't one of the options of goals I could create, I could pay 5 gold to select from all possible goals instead of choosing from the random three, or paying 4 gold to generate new random goals.
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