Some1 please help!!!!!

tffny246tffny246 Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
My entire game reset to the very beginning.  All my gold lost, all my coins lost.  I've been playing and making purchases for months.  I had every resteraunt open, so many episodes completed and last night out of nowhere was kicked out of the game and when I went back in all i could get to was season 1, episode 1 of big bay burgers.  It will not even let me go to the settings in the game to get to customer care.  I've sent emails to the creators but haven't heard back.  Can anyone help?  Of course this happened right after I made a gold purchase also.  I don't have a clue what to do!


  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    Were you Facebook connected? If so, play a couple of episodes and then try to login. At that point you should also be able to contact customer care. They’ll be able to help recover your progress. 
  • debry4debry4 Registered Users, Member 1 Posts
    How do I construct customer care? I have the same problem 
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    @debry4 You can contact Customer Care through the Settings of your game.
  • theomilomarvtheomilomarv Registered Users, Member 1 Posts

    Made an acct just to say thank you!!!! @DashingMike I was just in this same situation - lost all progress. So I started over from nothing - played the first 3 episodes until I had the option to connect the game back to Facebook and BAM - refreshed instantly with all my progress restored. So glad I came across this page! I will be back!

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