Chef Master Crown/Banner?

I realize that development of this game is stalled/dead but it would be fantastic to have some sort of special crown, sash, banner, or tag for achieving the number one spot in the dueling leader board! Something that lasts just for the week, given at reset on Sunday and lasting until someone else takes the spot the next week. Currently, as soon as the weekly reset prize is collected, the top spot is recalculated and all bragging rights disappear!

The first time I achieved Chef Master, I collected my weekly reward within five minutes and...poof...I was suddenly rated in the 300s! 😩 Recently I've been waiting a bit longer to collect when I reach Chef Master (which isn't often, those scores are crazy high now!) but cannot wait TOO long when there are duels in my queue. But it's a very brief moment of glory after all that work.

Because no new venues are being released, dueling is what is keeping this game fresh. A nifty wearable or banner/badge for one's avatar would be a little something extra for which to compete. 

I don't know if you're still around @DashingMike but, if so, any chance you could pass this idea along to the devs?

- SuFe718
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