Group goals

whualanwhualan Registered Users, Member 3 Posts
I am having issues with getting the group goals to load. It’s happened many times and always seems to happen at an opportune time. I’m very active in the group goals and rely on them to give me what it is I need in order to progress, but when this issue arises I’m left just simply playing the seasons and not going anywhere because I can’t upgrade anything. Right now it is free play weekend and I have to keep waiting for my recipes to finish in order to have any chance of getting more stars or gold. There are only so many duels you can do so my options are limited. At first I thought there were simply no others online playing but it became obvious this wasn’t the case as every time it returned there were many, many people there. Does this happen to anyone else? And is there a way to fix this. I’ve tried closing the app etc. but nothing seems to work except waiting and the last time I waited it took almost a week and missing multiple events before it worked again. TIA!

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