Chef duels

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[Glitch or cheat]
Lately I kept getting challenged by players who has high to full upgrades at whatever venues that usually require you to reach at least season 3 in able to get all the upgrades. However, when the challenge starts, it reveals a very high score but with very minimally basic menu, as if the player never play past season 1. If I challenged them at the same venue, I have to play with my upgraded menu which consists of more complex dishes. How are they able to have full upgrades with duel with basic dishes? Not to mention there are few players that seem to always challenge me at the same venue, BBB. Thoughts?


  • KaboodleKaboodle Registered Users, Member 12 Posts
    The other weird thing is getting challenged by someone who has 0% 0% 0% upgrades and then discovering they scored 1327 points and are unbeatable. 
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