Chef Duels - Points keep disappearing

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I keep having this issue where my chef duel points keep disappearing. The disappear at about 100 points at a time. I respond to every duel and try to duel at least once per day. I have put in multiple tickets. I received only 2 responses so far. I have not heard from them at all this time. I had over 1250 point and the next time I went in, i was at 1100 points. The lack of response is beyond frustrating. I want my points put back on my account (the admins say they can't do it is a matter of programming, i think that is a complete lie). Anyone else having this sort of frustration? Is there something I should be doing to keep my points?


  • SpcialJoySpcialJoy Junior Member Registered Users 90 Posts
    They said the duel points reset every week by design. Depending on how far you've progressed that week determines what point you start at. I keep going back to 1050, which is fine with me because I'm not willing to spend and keep on spending the resources it would take to get me into the upper tiers. But I'm sure it's frustrating for those that would like to. I also think they need to publish the criteria for resetting the points. They never made that clear in the game.
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    They really should make that clear up front. Not sure why they thought it would just slip by people.
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    This is a desgin point of the game. Duel points reset every week on Sunday evening.
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