Duels not ending since Free Duel Weekend

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Hi team,

I had approximately 4 people Duel me during the Free Duel Weekend just gone. I duelled them all back but now it's saying they're all pending, as though I initiated the Duel but I did not. I obviously won't get any tickets or points now which sucks.

Anyone else having this problem? It's been I think 2 days since the duels.

edit: duels done after these that weren't free have ended and I have received points and tickets.


  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    This is what I think is happening. When you played the duel, the system was overwhelmed. That duel counted, but was not removed from your duel list. You probably did not notice, and actually dueled the same person again. That second duel does not count and will hang in your duel list (as well as your challenger's list) until the Glu guys clean up our lists. I have had 3 on my list for over a month now. It is just a quirky thing we all have to deal with. When I am challenged, I generally wait at least an hour to battle just to insure that it is a legitimate challenge that will count.
  • Jen1016Jen1016 New Member Registered Users 30 Posts
    I have had the same problem, and they said they are working on it (standard response). I have had one for several weeks, another for 2-3 weeks, and one from this past week. The most recent disappeared overnight. I don't remember exactly what my points were, but I don't think I received any credit for it. Super frustrating.
  • DashingMikeDashingMike Experienced Member Moderators 664 Posts
    Thanks for letting me know about this. I'll pass this along to the development team!
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