Friends of Friends

M0MM0M Experienced MemberRegistered Users 122 Posts
I think it would be interesting to see the friends of my friends in group goals. I am so curious if my friends are friends with each other. Also, it would be nice to discover like minded new friends they may have that I don't.


  • ChefboirdeeChefboirdee New Member Registered Users 13 Posts
    That is a great idea. Seems like I am always losing friends, (lost 7 today including you) so this would be a great way for me to quickly fill back those spots.
  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    Chefboirdee, I did not remove you. You just vanished silently from my list. What's happening???? I have several friends that seem to disappear on a regular basis that I have always suspected was not by choice. They leave and come back the next day or so. I just sent a new friend request to get you back! You can always search for me, the 0 in M0M is actually a zero. I have 40 friends, so I can't always remember who is missing from my list when it drops into the 30's.
  • ChefboirdeeChefboirdee New Member Registered Users 13 Posts
    I feel this bug has been addressed before with disappearing friends...but I feel instead of fixing it they were just like gold star everyone you REALLY want. Well lesson learned now. I will gold star everyone on my list that way i will know if someone does disappear it is because they wanted to leave! Thanks M0M!
  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    Chefboirdee, I just gave you a gold star too. Let's see if that fixes the problem!
  • LadyinDenimLadyinDenim Junior Member Registered Users 93 Posts
    Is the Gold Star feature available once you upgrade to 40 friends? Never mind - I figured it out. What does it do?
  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    Friends in your list that have a gold star can't be deleted by you unless you remove the gold star first. I think it is a safety feature so that you don't accidentally remove a friend you intended to keep.
  • AmyYepAmyYep New Member Registered Users 60 Posts
    I lost twenty plus friends after recent update, hopefully they will find me or vice versa! Just a little trick I am using now, taking screenshots of friends page whenever it changes so I don't lose the great friends I had before the update! I am a little worried I will lose even more since I can't do group goals or public goals since the update! I feel horrible that I can't tell them what is going on, and that I am not just being a **** and ignoring them! Please forgive me friends!
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