Chef Duel high score with 0 upgrades

bec13bec13 New MemberRegistered Users 31 Posts
I have just been smashed in LL by a person using 3 VIPs with 0% upgrades on everything. They scored 1279 points! I'd be hard up scoring that with 2-3 VIPs and almost everything at 100%! How is that possible? It's happened on several occasions before but I've never taken a great deal of notice until recently.


  • AmyYepAmyYep New Member Registered Users 60 Posts
    I have had at least six every week, zero upgrades, no boosts against 100% across the board and three boosts, only for that to equal me getting blown away by 500-1700 to! I think it has to do with an old version of the game! I started keeping a list of them so I can forfeit the duel next time without losing the recipes, duel tokens and duel points a loss would cost me!
  • punkysdilemmapunkysdilemma New Member Registered Users 144 Posts
    I've seen it happen a few times where the opponent initially loads with 0% upgrades and a second later the real stats fill in. I tend to assume if it says 0% and stays there, there's something funky with the server connection at the moment. I think someone else had a theory that it was different OSes, possibly?
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