Next restaurant recommendations?

So far I'm done with BBB, PP, LL and D&C. I was tricked into buying BlackStump and absolutely despise it and how expensive it is. D&C and BBB have been my favorites. Are there any similar restaurants? I look forward to your suggestions!

P.S. I don't spend money on the game and only bought the $3 gold pack to get rid of ads so maybe something a little less expensive when it comes to upgrades?

Thank you!


  • LadyinDenimLadyinDenim Junior Member Registered Users 93 Posts
    PT isn't expensive as far as upgrades, but progress is SLOW. Imagine PP where you go for the pasta sauce or salad and there is a timer before you can pick it up again to season it. That and BB & LL are the only ones I know.

    I have read that SS is glitchy.
  • bec13bec13 New Member Registered Users 31 Posts
    Everything after DC is expensive for upgrades in my opinion. I think Casa Cubana, Sweet & Savoury Street Food, Royal Orchid and Gastroyacht Pacifica are very fun.
  • LadyinDenimLadyinDenim Junior Member Registered Users 93 Posts
    That's good to hear. I was planning to open Casa Cubans next.
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