VIP coin bug

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I am not certain that coins earned serving VIPs are added to my total in any restaurant on any level. I have been testing my theory with the group goals to use boosts to earn tickets. When I serve only the VIP during the round and the summary screen pops up, no coins are displayed. It shows red stars and the occasional gold that I earned. I've tested this in Blue Nile, Carnvial Steakhouse, Big Bay, PT and Ultime. All with the same results: no coins. It just occurred to me the summary screen could be wrong. Next time I will look at my before and after coin total and see if it changes.


  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    Good news! The coins DO get added to your coin total. Whew! It is only the summary screen that pops up after the round that is incorrect.
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