Amount of Tips Earned?

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Jellybeenz here. Does anyone actually understand the tip scale? When going through and upgrading items, I am trying to figure out how much of an increase there is when increasing maximum tips, and vice versa with minimum tips. I have no idea what the beginning percentage as a baseline, or the scale we are operating on. Likewise, i have no idea what the tip bonus is when collecting multiple payments at once.


  • M0MM0M Experienced Member Registered Users 122 Posts
    The tip scale is a mystery to me! The first upgrade I do is completely upgrade customer eat speed. The faster they eat, the more I can serve. Then I concentrate on food upgrades and appliance upgrades and min and max tip upgrades. In the past I ignored most of the other decor upgrades. I can generally 5 star most levels without decor by using boosts. Happy hour is unnecessary because you can wait for the happy hour event. I will say my strategy is costing me in duels, though. When the duels have impatient customers, my tips are greatly reduced because I start in the yellow and quickly move to red. So if you duel much, customer patience is important. I have always wondered if the upgrades that add customers carries over to duels. I assume not and skip it, but I could be wrong. Best I can tell, the tip bonus for multiple swiping is the same as the number you swiped. For example, if you swipe two customers, two coins are added to each tip (4 total); three customers, three coins added to each tip (9 total). Multiple swipes also advance the frenzy meter faster. Good luck and happy upgrading!
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    I think food upgrades are much more important than tip bonuses. So if you are losing duels, then maybe your food isn't good enough to win.
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    I completely agree that food upgrades are more important than the decor patience upgrades. These upgrades ONLY matter during duels when the patience sabotage is applied. If your opponent is fully upgraded in patience and you are zero upgraded, you are at a huge disadvantage. Your customers start in the angry yellow zone and quickly move to the red. Green zone customers award more tips, and that is where I want to start!
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