Cheating app

Anyone else having issues with repeatedly getting ranks on duels and then bring magically bumped down to swing cook after 2 seconds?? To me this is basically a scam app now that I'm paying attention. 


  • palimpsetpalimpset Registered Users 28 Posts
    Every Sunday duels reset. Therefore if you get the rank of Saucier during the week you'll be bumped down to Swing Cook, if you get Chef de Partie you're bumped down to Junior Cook, as so on. This is done to keep the duel rankings fair so the top players won't continuously win the best prizes week after week.

    Though.....I don't know how fair it truly is because CynthiaDee2 is never bumped down and is obviously a bot or cheating as week after week her duels never reset; something Glu refuses to do ANYTHING about.
  • gordonnygordonny New Member Registered Users 28 Posts
    CynthiaDee2 is just a pre-setting rank by Glu and see if any player can beat her/him. If you get the duel points more than CynthiaDee2, then you get the grand price.

    Glu is ok to do this and they just want the players to duel more every week.

    I think that is challenging :)
  • CosmonautCat_CosmonautCat_ Registered Users 3 Posts
    What is a pre-setting rank?
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