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CookingDashgalCookingDashgal Junior Member81 PostsRegistered Users
Does anyone know if Kindle updates for Ramsay Dash have been discontinued? I haven't been able to duel and or pay in the Arena for two weeks. I just want to know before I do anymore updating. Thanks


  • sumagusumagu New Member 13 PostsRegistered Users
    I play on Kindle and downloaded from Amazon. Like you, I haven't been able to play duels or Chef Arena for weeks. (Those are my favorites too!) Customer Care told me no updates were planned for Amazon/Kindle. However, there WAS a new update today, but it did not fix the duel issue.
  • CookingDashgalCookingDashgal Junior Member 81 PostsRegistered Users
    I was able to download it on Saturday. I still can't duel and or play in the Chef's Arena. I am starting to doubt that this will be fixed. I have other friends who have emailed Customer Service. They say they are working on it. I think we all should be compensated. We are loosing the opportunity to get tickets and our duel status are going in the down to nothing. Totally not fair.
  • CathyGCathyG 10 PostsRegistered Users
    They don't care.  This has been going on since at least October and the developers don't even respond to users asking about the issue.  Why don't you just tell us that you aren't going to support Kindle users any more and be done with it?
  • CathyGCathyG 10 PostsRegistered Users
    Ok Kindle users, I have a solution for you.  Google "How to Install Google Play Store on your Kindle."  Follow the instructions, then open Google Play Store and search for Ramsey Dash.  It will show that it is already installed, but that there is an update.  Click update and Voila!  Duel away to your heart's content.  You will not lose your progress in the game either, though you will no longer be playing through Amazon Game Circle.  I haven't been able to duel since November, so this is quite a relief for me and took only about 5 minutes.  You will also have access to tons of stuff not available through Amazon appstore, so another huge bonus.
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